What is art nude photography. Socrates was not fond of idleness.

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When looking at a photograph of a sculpture of the Arcadian goat-god of lust Pan having sex with a goat [ Pan and Goat from the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Roman 1st century C.

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Fred, I think that you are right in much of what you say, and Coney island blow upskirt am not even sure that we should except in jest refer to certain body parts as "naughty bits.

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Is there a lesson there for those of us who are presumably more "civilized"?

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Almost thirty years after he first made waves, we still haven't hashed that one out.

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What I had said essentially was that I was honored that Lannie had chosen one of my images to start this discussion.

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There is what big lubed tits might even call the genre of "naturist art," which is usually composed of a group of snapshots and would therefore be dreadful art at best; but the viewing of such snaps nonetheless might give some limited insight on these matters.

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You have to look at the photo, and often the context of the photo body of work, etc.

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Shadow and Light".