Vintage hand embroidery transfer patterns. This is a perfect pattern for crayon tinting.

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How do you care for the pattern Wonderbook?

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Laura Wheeler, Alice Brooks -- the pattern services For decades, local and national newspapers included a daily display ad often in the classifieds for a single needlework pattern.

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How do some of you still use them?

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The Alice Brooks transfer shown here illustrates one of their more elaborate pillowcase designs -- exquisite embroidery that incorporates crochet as a portion of the design.

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I am keen to use patterns for babies and children.

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Sewing Pattern Giants:

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I am embarrassed to ask this question because all your samples are so beautiful!

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DuBarry transfers are rarely seen -- the animated dishes shown here is one of the few we've come across.

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Sewing patterns include instructi

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Since then I have been wo

Workbasket transfers do not have a title, and some may not have a number.

French Needle.