Trunksxgoten sex fanfiction. A light sheen of sweat is forming on his brow and his eyes are closed with his mouth open and his face in a constant expression of bliss, "Hey, Goten?

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Blood kept pumping down his full lips and chin, down on the neck, shirt and eventually on the floor.

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The odd clan has never attempted a real Christmas before, but they decide to go for it.

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His lips and chin were covered in blood, as well as his tshirt.

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Goten gasped as he felt Trunks' fingers brushing over his hole as well as his scrotum.

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Trunks pounded up and down on Goten's cock then moved his hips forward and backward and down he did that a couple of times.

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Trunks raised his left hand and pushed Goten back down, not once breaking contact with Goten's erection.

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He noticed that Goten was looking around.

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Trunks then used his left hand to grab Goten's hairless balls and fondle them at the same time, thus pushing Goten to pure ecstasy.