Sikhism and pre marital sex. The guilt you are feeling is there for a reason, it's meant to feel uncomfortable.

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I know this sounds new-agey, but it's absolutely true.

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You say you read the Nitnem Bani's.

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Guru ang sang, -DKK If you are looking for specific quotes, then you may find some answers in the following link:

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Gender Roles Sikhism was founded on principles of equality for all people.

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The mind-body link is well established, as the chemicals released in such an act create a close bond between the 2 people, much like when oxytocin is released when a mother breast feeds her child.

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Marriage Marriage is seen as something sacred between a husband and wife, and everyone in the community is expected to marry at some point in their lives.

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Of course not, the mind is extremely affected by the energies associated with pre marital affairs.

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This is your journey, let's hope you learn from these experiences and make your future a positive one from now on.

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As a result, both sex before and outside of marriage are forbidden, because sex is strictly for creating a family.

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Marriage is closely tied with family honour.