Pee the bed on purpose. Young adults may be embarrassed by this problem, and they may fear that people will find out.

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The week before we got the new mattress, I told my husband I am going to start peeing in the bed until we get the new mattress.

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By the time I was 15 or so, I was dry almost all the time, to jayd lovely nude point where my mom "retired" the rubber sheet from my bed.

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Oh and unlike you, when I decide to wet without a diaper, I will usually not stop until the sheets under me are wet, if not fully go till I cant anymore.

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The shame came from myself, being sixteen years old and still being a bedwetter, I thought I deserved the embarrassment of being wet.

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Why on earth would anyone want to?

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I was standing right in front of the commode trying to untie the knot and BHAM,it became a triple knot and the pant being a crisp cotton,it was simply impossible for me to untie within anna song photos time limit.

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A person viewing it online may make one printout of the material and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference.

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But if you have this problem, it's still a good idea for you and your parents to talk to your doctor about it.

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And children do not wet the bed on purpose, out of spite or to irritate their parents.