Pam beesly pantyhose. You can start with a simple cotton button down shirt.

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When she did later become pregnant in real life, the writers simply gave Pam and Jim a second child.

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So, it's not an odd fit to see the cast posing for a Puma Golf ad.

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Not to mention all of his relationship drama between Dwight and Angela and Erin and Gabe.

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It's a wonder how the Scranton branch was ever able to get anything done, let alone become the most successful branch in the company.

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During filming, Steve Carell got the idea to actually kiss actor Oscar Nunez for real, which helped to create his awkward and uncomfortable reaction.

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Oscar Nunez admitted to hiding in the warehouse in order to cry during Carell's final episode.

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Here, she can be seen happily sitting for hair and makeup as Erin actress Ellie Kemper looks on.

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She is often the calm voice of reason in a workplace filled with drama.

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Actress Angela Kinsey herself hid a real-life pregnancy several seasons before her character's own fictional baby bump was revealed.

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A storyline was written in at the same time that pitted Angela against Pam, turning their characters' respective pregnancies into a competition of sorts.