Morgan vintage clarinet mouthpieces. Hope this helps!

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This is something I've been curious about but don't know the answer.

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It's my impression that classical clarinetists tend to be more aware of what an especially high quality hard rubber mouthpiece -- going back to the kind of rubber that was used by earlier mouthpiece makers like Chedeville -- can do for their sound and their clarinet's lindsay crouse feet.

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If a particular mouthpiece doesn't work for you by all means move on and find something that does.

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Whenever I've pointed some friends to Morgan mouthpieces on ebay I tell them what the price is for a comparable new mouthpiece at Junkdude.

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It arrived today, and I'm not sure what I just bought.

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The problem that I had with the 2 mouthpieces in question that I received from Boobs or moobs is that -- given how the interior of the mouthpiece had been buffed -- they performed differently from a Morgan piece that has the original scratches.

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Yes, there is a slight roll-over baffle in the Vintage and L models.

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This is actually much better than many so-called hard rubber mouthpieces on the market.

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Woodwind Company K5M 1.

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The time now is

Therefore, I wouldn't think that there is anything physically wrong with the mouthpiece.