Managua nicaragua strip club. James, Roberto, the Quebecer, my James and a random girl — Really one of the only appropriate pictures from that night — Thanks Roberto!

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Awesome food.

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Yes — hot flowing lava and all.

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The bar serves Cuban food and plays live music on weekends.

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Eating at the restaurant overlooking the garden is such a lovely experience.

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There are no other words for it.

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The Zona Rosa strip offers a variety of excellent restaurant options, good music and dancing.

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Any Nica food specialities I should sample - street food or otherwise?

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Just use common sense, and youll probably be OK.

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This club in Leon features all the rum-and-sweat-soaked exuberance of a basement dance party with the right mix of spunk and Latin flavor.

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One of the most epic of them all is known as Moondance.

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I was going to leave that day to Leon, but I was persuaded to stay and check out the city.