Latex mermaid tails. Love it!

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I did this because I knew that I didn't have enough time to cut out clay scales and mold in the same day.

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Really appreciate it.

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At this point, let's get to the harder stuff.

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It feels definitely heavier when I'm swimming, but it doesn't sink or float in either direction which is quite nice.

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From tails to luxurious swimwear, Mertailor has everything you need to create your own underwater transformation.

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Great job!

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After that, it was time to cut out my monofin design, and transfer it onto your lexan using a Sharpie.

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I look forward to seeing your silicone version one day soon.

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This tail has lasted me a good while, and while I still use it, I've decided it's time to upgrade.

I have been a professional sculptor in SFX and a prop maker for the last thirty years.

Well, that's just about all that I have so far!