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Tales abound about foreign tourists in India feel that they've come to a country in the grip of a pandemic of tuberculosis, or some other dreaded disease, that causes a discharge of blood from people's mouths.

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I've never seen more startled Scandinavians.

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A very sensible proscription from the viewpoint of hygiene.

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The pain was excruciating and immediate, and Santra was unable to open the eye for nearly half a day afterwards.

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How do we do it?

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What with all those blood-red paan stains everywhere you look, it's difficult to convince visitors from abroad that we're not all a nation of TB patients, or suffer from bleeding gums.

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So do paans and paan masala.

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What is it about our biological make-up that enables us to produce so much of the stuff that we seem to be forever having to get del webb florida swingers of it, expel it from our systems, lest through excess of it, surfeiting, our appetite for it would sicken and die?

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Nadda, could only promise that he would issue an advisory.