How to convince your friends to have a foursome. Sure, getting drunk helps make it actually happen, but talking about it beforehand--and giving everyone time to reflect, confer, and prepare--makes it more likely that you can retain the relationship.

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I just decided to go for it and asked the girl about it.

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Are you meaning doing it in each other's presence but only with your partner?

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Stuff ended up happening, but I could tell that two of them saw right through me and knew that we had nothing in common.

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You can discuss it ahead of time, couple to couple or male to male and female to female.

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This is another incredibly important aspect of executing a proper threesome.

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How do i convince her?

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Make sure you really want this With any sexscapade — from hooking up with a rando to having the vanilla-est missionary tryst with your longtime partner on a Tuesday morning — it's important to check in with yourself to ensure that recently revealing bikini photos doing what you're doing for the right reasons.

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He body is for your viewing not another man.

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To teach us all some valuable lessons in orgy etiquette, we talked to a couple of knowledgeable folks who are very well versed in the topic:

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Don't know what "soft swing" means.

You wife is more valuable then to be treated like a tramp.