Filimleri gey sex. Plays Itself and Sex Garageit was produced, written, directed, edited, photographed, and starred in by Halsted.

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Moonlight fits no simple classification, resisting easy labels that would call it a film simply about being black, poor, or gay.

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For a film with sex at its center, My Own Private Idaho is less concerned with sexuality than with love and comfort—something made especially clear in its famous campfire scene.

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He invited "subjects" into his living room to strip down and reveal

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The film handles their relationship delicately but casually, offering it up as a choice.

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Some gay love stories focus on the before, lingering on the push and pull of falling in love before finally tripping.

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Random footage was shot, which Halsted was capable of sorting out and putting in a sequence.

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From pills to pumps to plastic implants, this is the story of one man's pursuit to make his penis bigger.

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In Augustfilmmaker Brian Fender posted an add on Craigslist to solicit volunteers for a documentary project.

The answer, at least from fashion designer-turned-director Tom Ford, unfurls in this gorgeously realized drama about an English professor wwe sexy pussy falls into a suicidal depression after the death of his longtime partner.

Will, a LGBTQ youth grows more and more desperate after a string of homophobic remarks rotten his day.