Facts about the clitorous. The clitoris has double the number of nerve endings as the whole penis.

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It is the only part of the human body that never ages Australia's first female genital mutilation trial:

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You can rub the internal clitoris through the labia Try pressing the palm of your hand against her vulva and folding your fingers over her public mound.

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It's usually upstaged by the vagina, which is usually left in the dust by the attention that the penis gets.

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The Online Etymology Dictionary wonders common rapper naked it came from kleiein, meaning "to sheathe," or klitys meaning "side of the hill," or kleis meaning "key," or kleitoriazein meaning "to tickle.

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The clitoris has glans, a foreskin also known as the hooderectile tissue and a very small shaft -- all the parts that a penis has.

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Sometimes the clitoris plays hide-and-seek If you have trouble finding the head of the clitoris, it may have retracted beneath the hood.