Exam gallery recto vaginal. Acquired gastrointestinal fistulas:

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The pathological diagnoses were 50 cases of non-specific inflammatory processes, 25 cases were Crohn's disease, 17 cases were russian mistress tgp, 15 patients were post-irradiation and lastly 11 patients were iatrogenic.

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In summary, this study presented limitations inherent to the low number of patients evaluated, and the absence of correlation with histological analyses, particularly for sonographic findings concerning size and infiltration of intestinal wall layers by lesions suggestive of endometriosis.

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Recto-vaginal fistula RVF is the most distressing surgical condition that a woman can experience.

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The patients underwent pre-examination intestinal preparation with bisacodyl 10 mg ingestion in the previous night and rectal fleet enema one hour before the examination.

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The Surgical Clinics of North America.

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Only in one patient MRI has demonstrated a lesion in the sigmoid colon, which has not been detected in any case by US.

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The rectal submucosa and muscularis is reapproximated using a delayed absorbable suture Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3 and Figure 4.

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Finally, the vaginal incision is closed using a delayed absorbable suture in the midline, incorporating the perineal skin closure.