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How can men retain their cultural masculinity when submitting to Christ?

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Mother did not like sending her only child away at such a time, when the loyalty of her husband to the crown was openly being questioned, but, Alice thought to herself, her lady mother knew all too well that Alice would be a lot safer with her Aunt Margaret, the countess of Eboracum, whose husband stood high in the favour of King Arthur the Fourth of Lyonesse, than here in the castle of her father, who was on the verge of being condemned to death for treason, which would lead of course to the loss of his lands and her arancha bonete nude disinheritance.

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If Father was involved in treason, it was quite likely that Mother was as well.

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She is a Clarendon Scholar at Trinity College, Oxford, working on a doctorate in theology, and recently completed her first novel.

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You might think that looking for a theological reading on sex is an outmoded effort, one that befits a vanished puritanical era.

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