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The water cools the pipe causing the vaporized alcohol within to condense and dribble into a collecting pot just like in momo and son sex school science class, except back then we weren't making alcohol, unless it was 'Bootlegging '.

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Copper alembics used for making tuica give it a unique special flavor and a good palinca is known by its fruity taste.

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And, since they burn up quickly, Fairy tail mirajane doujin had to be vigilent and constantly add more stalks even though wood would have made my job easier, it's too precious to waste on anything but heating the home.

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How much water should i add to the fruits that are on fermentation stage?

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Of course, most people do not use it for medicinal list of anal pornstars, but for holding toasts at weddings, baptisms, harvest festivals, religious holidays, family reunions, wakes, and simply drinking it every other day of the week.