Citrus wood stripper. Hope it works out for you!

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Hoping it turns out well foryou!

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It bubbled and boiled like I thought it was supposed to, but turned into the stickiest, stubbornest, boil your skin in a split-second mess that can be imagined!

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Your chair After everything was stripped off looks beautiful!!

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Better late than never.

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Not anymore.

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There is nothing more satisfying that bare, naked wood furniture.

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I scraped with a flexible metal scraper and wiped it on paper towels and cardboard over THREE separate coats of stripper!

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And I had to do it in more or less one shot, because of potential for rain and because of how obnoxious it would be to move it indoors and outdoors again in a partly-sticky condition.

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Liquid and gel strippers are brushed on, and an inexpensive, natural-fiber craft paintbrush works as well as an expensive brush.

Will you stain them or just seal them or leave them as is?

Safest Stripper Available as a liquid or a semi-paste, Safest Strip is gentle enough to rinse down the drain.