Choking hazard warning label. It is important for any manufacturer, distributor, retailer or importer of children's products in the U.

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In an online environment, sellers need to make a determination as to whether a cautionary statement or choking hazard warning applies to the particular product they are trying to sell.

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These statements must be included on the packaging of the toy or game, as well as on any descriptive materials accompanying the toy or game.

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Balloons, books and other articles made of paper, writing materials such as crayons, chalk, pencils and pens, as well as modeling clay, finger paints, water colors and other paint sets are exempt because they cannot be manufactured rubber latex tubing 1 125 a way that would prevent them from breaking into small parts when subjected to the mandatory use and abuse testing.

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Similarly, all balloons, any ball with the diameter of 1.

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Do not use this field unless otherwise advised by Amazon.

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If a small part fits completely into the cylinder, and the toy or product from which it pink pussycat dolls pcd is intended for use by children under three, the toy or product is banned because the small part presents a choking hazard.

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Your warning message stays intact on application.