Anal and genital itching. Some antihistamines also have a sedating effect they make you drowsy.

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Study debunks 3 common sleep myths.

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Including more fibre in your diet will make your stools softer and easier to pass.

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What could it be?

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Anal itching is a symptom, not a disease in itself; it is a surprisingly common problem, which many people are too embarrassed to see their doctor about.

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Sedative antihistamines or tricylcic antidepressants are used at bed time.

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Your GP may prescribe an ointment or cream to soothe the skin around your anus.

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In very severe cases the lesions produce scarring of the vulva, with narrowing of the opening of the vagina and covering of the clitoris with the shrinking and disappearance of the clitoral lips.

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Don't do not wipe your bottom after pooing kim diamond porn instead, wash with water or pat clean with moist toilet paper, then pat dry do not scratch — if you can't stop, keep fingernails short and wear cotton gloves at night do not strain when you go to the toilet do not use scented soaps, bubble bath or bath oil do not use perfumes or powders near your anus do not eat spicy food or drink lots of alcohol and caffeine — these can make itching worse.

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Treating itchy bottom An itchy bottom is usually easy to treat at home.

Approach to Management In the management of anogenital pruritus the first priority is to identify any underlying infections, inflammatory dermatoses or irritation.